Amy Bowdoin was born and raised in Carrollton, Georgia. She lived a very normal life – until she didn’t. Good intentions and bad decisions escorted her down a different path. It required a leave from teaching middle school and an extended stay in a mental hospital battling depression. But, she’s living proof God uses all things for good. She exited that facility with a renewed purpose.

She created a popular Facebook page titled Honeysuckle Drive in 2015. It’s a place where stories aren’t just told – THEY’RE LIVED – by a small town girl who doubts, who gets discouraged, who makes mistakes, but who also desires a growing relationship with Jesus. Her followers started pecking her to death like chickens to compile her true stories into a book. She procrastinated until God placed it on her heart. Her first published book, Honeysuckle Drive, hit the shelves on November 15, 2022. It’s a 12 week devotional for any season. Amy shares the real, and the messy, and all that’s in between in hopes of helping her readers cultivate an authentic relationship with Jesus. Her book is filled with stories, scripture, prayer journals, and challenging questions that require true soul searching along the 12 week journey.

Amy even has a podcast that compliments each week in her book. The response has been overwhelming, resulting in the creation of a group leader’s guidebook. This guidebook is now being used in the women’s ministry at several churches throughout the southeast. Amy’s unwavering obedience has also led to multiple speaking engagements and will bring her to Perry, Georgia, on January 27th.

Amy had this to say about herself: “I love Jesus, country music, and old-school rap. I’ve gotta thing for genuine people, Fireball Whisky, and infectious laughter. I’m careful with my words, but I do cuss a little. I’m no religious scholar. I don’t even know all the books of the Bible. I don’t have multiple degrees or a fancy title, and I’ve never earned a distinguished award. But, what I do have is a heart for Jesus, and I’m a big believer that’s all you need to change the world.”

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