Although many may call her an author, DEBI MOZARK HUTCHENS considers herself just a “talker on paper.”    However, throughout her community, she is also known as a woman of faith, a prayer warrior, a friend, an encourager, a cheerleader, and a broken vessel that a lot of water spills from.  Having a deep passion to write since a child, it wasn’t until Debi went through her heart bypass journey that she discovered GOD was paving the way by using her adversity to open the door to fulfil her dream.  

A Georgia transplant since 1982, Debi’s greatest joy and accomplishment is her husband, Larry, of fifty-years, their four grown children and spouses, and ten grand-blessings (3 John 1:4).   She is the author of A Bypass in the Road: Journey of the Heart  and  Got a Hole in the Bottom of My Shoe, but it is well with My “Sole.”  Debi is also a contributor to several advent books and devotionals, is presently fervently working to finish her third book.Debi loves to share HIS hope wherever she goes.  Recognizing there are many looking to fill a deep void in their hearts apart from JESUS, she lives out the calling found in 1 Peter 3:15 (NIV), “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the Hope that you have.”   Debi also offers, “Drink from HIS Living Water and you’ll never thirst again. Promise.” 

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