SHERESA STUBBS has 17 years’ experience as an educator. She presently works in the education field and teaches in the Henry County School District. Perry Page Turners welcomes Sheresa as a Children’s Literature panelist for Turning a New Page book festival on January 27, 2024, at First Baptist Church in Perry, Georgia. 

Writing has been a passion of hers since the age of twenty-four. Also, Ms. Stubbs is an Entrepreneur of D’Beanair’s Beauty & More online store. She enjoys writing because it allows her the opportunity to share real life experiences to children. Also, she is an honor graduate from Ashworth College with a business management degree, and an honor graduate in early childhood education degree from Ashworth College. In addition, she’s pursuing a degree from University of Arizona Global Campus in Early Childhood Administration. Furthermore, she is the author of “Henrietta Moves To A New City”. Hobbies: Culinary Arts, Traveling, Reading, Writing, Yoga, ZUMBA, and Spin Cycle. Contact her at or

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